Friday, October 12, 2012

Real Interrogation: What Actually Happens When Cops Question Kids?

Tuesday 10/16: “Real Interrogation: What Actually Happens When Cops Question Kids?”

  • 4pm
  • Room 25, with Room 30 as an overflow space with the lecture live streamed in
  • Reception following the lecture in Auerbach
  • Free and open to the public

Professor Barry Feld is giving his Centennial Professorship in Law Reappointment Lecture on the subject that has captivated his research efforts recently: police interrogation of juveniles.  Professor Feld has scoured interrogation records and videos to piece together trends in these interrogations, and has been compiling his research into a book.  Hear his research results as he shares them for the first time next Tuesday.

Thursday, 10/18: CJL Discussion Group
  •  6pm-7pm
  • Bullwinkles, upstairs (Bullwinkles is on the Northeast corner of the 7 corners intersection, a couple minutes from the school.

·         Topic: Interrogation
This week’s discussion group will continue the discussion of interrogation.  You do not need to make it to Tuesday’s presentation to attend.  We can talk about interrogation of adults as well as juveniles – what cops do, what they should and should not do, how far we would be willing to let an interrogation go if lives are at stake, what protections and remedies are available, etc.  Any and all additions to the discussion are good – I will try to bring some video clips of interrogations, please feel free to introduce whatever you would like as well!


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  2. I totally agree Asad! I hope that our discussions can help sow the seeds of grassroots thought and social change that will make our criminal justice system better.